• General terms and conditions
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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Here are the most important points

For cancellation conditions, see §5:

- up to 3 months before arrival: no cancellation fee;
- up to 1 month before the arrival date: 40% of the total package price;
- until 1 week before the arrival day: 70% of the total package price;
- within the last week before the day of arrival: 90% of the total package price.

1) After the guest’s booking and confirmation by the RC, the guest and the accommodation company submit to the General Terms and Conditions of the Hotel Industry for Austria (AGBH 2006).

2) The Lech Zürs reservation centre (hereinafter referred to as RC for short) is merely an intermediary broker in the accommodation contract between the guest and the accommodation provider. RZ is therefore not liable for breaches of contract by the guest or the accommodation company and also not for other brokered services such as e.g. ski school, ski pass etc. In the event of breach of its own obligations, the reservation centre is liable up to a maximum of the amount of the agreed fee. All information about the accommodation companies is stated to the best of its knowledge, but without guarantee of correctness.

3) The offers made by the RC to the guest are non-binding. A valid reservation only comes into effect after the guest’s booking is in writing and after written confirmation from the RC. After receipt of the signed booking and the down payment (credit card, receipt of payment on the bank account of RC), the RC transmits the confirmation of payment. Down payment amounts, which were transferred to our account without previous written confirmation from the RC, will be returned (if not possible otherwise) at the expense of the payer.

4) The RC recommends that guests purchase travel cancellation insurance and/or travel interruption insurance.

Extract from the general terms and conditions 2006:

§ 4 Start and end of stay at Accommodation Agreement

4.1 The Contractual Party shall have the right (if the Accommodation Provider does not offer any other reference time) to occupy the rented room(s) from 4 pm on the agreed day ("day of arrival").

4.2 If a room is first occupied before 6 am, the previous night counts as the first overnight stay.

4.3 The rented rooms shall be vacated by the Contractual Party by 12 noon on the day of departure. The Accommodation Provider shall be entitled to charge a further day if the rented rooms have not been vacated in due time.

§ 5 Withdrawal from the Accommodation Agreement - Cancellation Fee

Cancellation by the Accommodation Provider



5.1 If the Accommodation Agreement requires a down payment be made, and if the down payment has not been made by the Contractual Party in due time, the Accommodation Provider may withdraw from the Accommodation Agreement at any time.

5.2 If the guest does not arrive by 6 pm on the agreed arrival day, there is no obligation to accommodate unless a later arrival time has been agreed.

5.3 If the Contractual Party has made a down payment (see 3.3), the premises shall remain reserved until 12 noon on the day following the agreed day of arrival at the latest. In the event of advance payment of more than four days, the obligation to accommodate shall end at 6 pm on the fourth day, the day of arrival being counted as the first day, unless the Guest specifies a later day of arrival.

5.4 The Accommodation Agreement may be terminated by the Accommodation Provider via unilateral declaration for objectively justified reasons up to 3 months before the agreed date of arrival of the Contractual Party, unless other arrangements have been made.

Cancellation by the Contractual Party - Cancellation fee

5.5 Up to 3 months at the latest before the agreed arrival date of the guest, the Contractual Party can unilaterally cancel the Accommodation Agreement without payment of a cancellation fee.

5.6 Outside the period specified in § 5.5.,

 the Contractual Party can only withdraw from the agreement by paying the following cancellation fees:

- up to 3 months before arrival: no cancellation fee;
- up to 1 month before the arrival date: 40% of the total package price;
- until 1 week before the arrival day: 70% of the total package price;
- within the last week before the day of arrival: 90% of the total package price.

Obstacles to arrival

5.7 If the Contractual Party cannot appear at the place of accommodation on the day of arrival due to unforeseeable extraordinary circumstances (e.g. extreme snowfall, flooding etc.), the Contractual Party shall not be obliged to pay the agreed fee for the days of arrival.

5.8 The obligation to pay fees for the booked stay is renewed from the time of arrival if the journey becomes possible again within three days.

§ 17 Place of fulfilment, place of jurisdiction and choice of law

17.1 The place of fulfilment shall be the place where the location of the accommodation.

17.2 This contract is subject to Austrian formal and substantive law with the exception of the rules of international private law (in particular IPRG and EVÜ) as well as UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

17.3 The exclusive place of jurisdiction in bilateral business transactions shall be the place of business of the Accommodation Provider, whereby the Accommodation Provider shall also be entitled to assert its rights at any other local and competent court.

17.4 If the Accommodation Agreement was concluded with a Contractual Party to the Agreement who is a consumer and who has his place of residence or habitual abode in Austria, actions against the consumer may only be brought at the place of residence or place of employment.

17.5 If the Accommodation Agreement has been concluded with a party to the Agreement who is a consumer and who is domiciled in a member state of the European Union (with the exception of Austria), Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, the court having exclusive jurisdiction for the domicile of the consumer shall have exclusive jurisdiction for actions brought against the consumer on a local and material level.