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Freeriding & Freeskiing

Freeriding & Freeskiing

Zürs am Arlberg. Everything a freerider could wish for.

In 1904 the first ski race in the Alps took place on the Arlberg massif. Then in1906 the newly established ski school in Zürs held the first ski course; yet the construction and opening of the first ski lift did not occur until 1937. Until that time skiers climbed up through the untouched landscape on skins and skied back down wherever it was possible and pleasant – in effect early freeriding and at the same time a celebrated tradition in Zürs! 

The ski area around Zürs still offers a plethora of options to seek that special skiing experience beyond the ski pistes. Unspoilt natural surroundings, spectacular deep snow off-piste and an endless number of alternative routes await ambitious ski tourers. Highly trained ski guides will lead off-piste enthusiasts to the most magnificent viewpoints and insider tips away from the normal routes.

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